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Hann was a Starfleet tactical and Security chief in the early 25th century, stationed aboard the Federation Vesta-class starship USS Kitana. (Earth Spacedock (RPG))


Sometime before 2410, Hann was paid by his uncle to join Starfleet. He eventually lost his drive for greed and began to funnel his money into the Bajoran Orphan Fund. In 2410, when the Kitana left Earth Spacedock at the disappearance of the USS Zephyra, Hann became personally upset toward Captain Terry. Having previously arranged to share a bowl of Ferengi beetles, he reluctantly offered them to the Captain seconds before the Breen ship Falzon betrayed the joint-mission between it and the Kitana by opening fire upon the USS Molly. Disappointed Terry spat his food out in waste, Hann took his position at tactical. (Page 13)

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