For the primary universe counterpart, see Buqra Hafez al-Fadi.

In the mirror universe, Hafez was a security officer on the ISS Arcadia originally assigned as a bodyguard to Lynnyn alongside Balk. Following Marx Richtor's coup in 2385, he was made Chief of Security for the Arcadia in light of Eresh'ta's failure in circumventing the coup.

Hafez was later ousted by Alexei Obrenovic following several attempts to eliminate Obrenovic as well as colluding with JJ Kirk. This prompted Obrenovic and Jacob Harrison to pay him a visit, which ended with Hafez being sent to the agony booth. Afterwards, Eresh'ta labeled him a "weak-willed, spineless waste of skin" due to the ease of his removal from office. (Star Trek: New Empire)

The status of Hafez following the destruction of the ISS Arcadia is unknown.