Haelivthras th'Shvrashli, also known as Thrass, was an Andorian thaan active in the Federation Starfleet in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)

Biography Edit

In the 2400s Thrass worked at Starfleet Academy as an instructor in the Naval Weapons department. From 2401 to 2403 he held the rank of commander and served as major advisor for Cadet Kanril Eleya. (Bait and Switch & The War of the Masters: "Remembrance of the Fallen")

In either 2402 or 2403 he ordered Kanril to go see a counselor when her grades began to suffer after a bad breakup with her boyfriend Jerrod Dalton.("From Bajor to the Black, Part II")

Later that year he assigned her to tutor Cadets Fourth Class Tiana Lanstar and Kojami Sobaru in Principles of Electronic Countermeasures, to give her some extra credit to make up for her poor grades earlier in the semester. ("Remembrance of the Fallen")

By January 2407 Thrass had been promoted to captain. He served as one of the proctors when now-Lieutenant Commander Kanril Eleya took the Kobayashi Maru test. After the test, Kanril was ordered to act as a teacher's aide in Thrass' ES 300 class, as punishment for cussing out the proctors after the examination. ("The Universe Doesn't Cheat")

Personal life Edit

Thrass was known to be bonded in a shelthreth. ("The Universe Doesn't Cheat")

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