A Hacking Deck is a small device developed to assist in hacking. Every deck has a special slot for code cards. Some Decks have more than one slot. In the code cards the specifications of the target system are saved. There are also some code cards with additional programs like password generators. A Deck also has some basic functions which can be used without the use of codecards, e.g. data sending operations. Some decks have a display to show information of the user. To use the deck it has to be connected to a cyberware implant in the users brain or to a visual device. Some communicators have an integrated hacking deck. (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Beginning of Infinity)

Karala Yagiyu uses such a device to gain access to sealed room.


  • The idea of the hacking deck is based on a similar devices from Neuromancer and Shadowrun.
  • SSJKamui got the idea of the integrated display when he saw a Digivice from Digimon.
  • The idea of the code cards was derived from the fact that the term deck also means a collection of playing cards.

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