The HMS Prometheus was a Prometheus-class starship under the service of the Hydran Royal Navy. She boasted a multi-assault vector mode which allowed the ship to separate into three vessels, each with weapons platforms and capable of warp travel as well as atmospheric flight. However, contrary to its Federation counterpart, gatling phasers were installed, as well as hellbore cannons, fusion beams and, of course, the cloaking device. She was the lead ship of the Hydran counterpart.

Also, the Prometheus was the only ship in the Royal Navy that was fitted with oxygen life support systems, meaning that later Hydran-built units of the class featured methane life support systems. For this reason, she was the personal ship of the High Priestess of the God of Evacuation and manned by oxygen-breathing mercenaries, like Tara Whitten and Jenela Light. (RIS Bouteina: "Hystelic Kingdom")



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