The H'n'k (roughly pronounced "huh-NEK") were an insectoid species from a planet in the Gedaro Expanse. By the 24th century they had become a spacefaring race and had carved out a small empire, known as the H'n'k Hegemony. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 2: Starships of the Cardassian Union)

They had a humanoid appearance due to the atrophy of their fifth and sixth limbs long in their past. They had a tough, chitinous skin, which was usually a glossy black, blue, green of brown in colour. Home H'n'k had brightly coloured sports of patterns. They possessed large, round eyes and mandible like jaws. They had ridges running the length of their heads, which signified that at some point in their evolution that they possessed antennae.

The H'n'k had a high proportion of psionics.

The H'n'k lived in a very rigid and hierarchical culture. The clothing and jewelry they wore indicated their profession and class and wearing inappropriate clothing was considered a capital crime.

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