Gromit, similar to purebred tribbles, is a small, round furball. He has no eyes, arms, legs, or other appendages of any sort, only a small mouth on his underside. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

Unlike purebred tribbles, however, Gromit's mouth is full of incredibly hard, razor-sharp teeth, a trait bestowed upon him by his glommer genes. He can gnaw through almost any substance in time.


Gromit is self-serving and cantankerous. His life revolves around food, preferably donuts. There is no cage Gromit can't get out of if it's between him and food.



Gromit's parent was one of the tribbles that landed on James T. Kirk's head while he was aboard Space Station K7.


1,771,561. (That's assuming 1 tribble multiplying with an average litter of 10 producing a new generation every 12 hours over a period of 3 days.)


Gromit's parent was a resident aboard a small Class-J trading vessel. His parent found his way into a storage compartment in a K-class space station, which is where Gromit (and 1,771,561 others) were born. He is forever telling anyone he meets about the time he really and truly met the legendary Captain James T. Kirk. Actually, he had bounced off Captain Kirk's head, but that wasn't his fault. He was thrown by a bald, dark-skinned man. At present, he lives with a large bi-laterally symmetrical being who calls himself West, aboard some sort of space-going vessel.

Gromit's survival after the Klingons' successful pogrom against the tribbles is due to the fact that Gromit was brought forward in time by the USS Defiant and the Bajoran 'Orb of Time' from about one hundred years in the past, before the genocide of the tribbles had begun. To make sure that the galaxy is never again overrun by his kind, Gromit and the other time-traveling tribbles underwent some minor genetic cross-breeding with a genetically-engineered species called the glommers that rendered them virtually infertile.

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