Lieutenant Gregory Willard is the bridge science officer of the USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705). He is called "Greg" by most crew and civilians aboard.



Greg Willard and his wife, Annette, became parents to Kevin Willard in 2356.

We assumed they were married prior to the birth.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Greg Willard enrolled at Starfleet Academy in 2358 at the age of 30. He graduated in 2362.

Aboard the Starship CantabrianEdit

Greg Willard joined the Cantabrian team as a bridge science officer in 2369. Captain Noah Wrightson gained glowing references from Willard's former commanding officers and wanted to make him chief science officer, but Willard felt unprepared to take that role on.

Excerpt from captain's reportEdit

Profile by Captain Noah Wrightson. Stardate 49447.8

Lieutenant Greg Willard joined the Cantabrian team with good references from his former commanding officers. His wife Annette and son Kevin, both civilians, accompanied him.

Although he demonstrated his advanced scientific abilities on many occasions, Lieutenant Willard turned down the Chief Science Officer position aboard the Cantabrian, opting instead for the Bridge Science Officer position; however, I believe, from his performance reports and first hand observations, he will eventually accept the position.

I look forward to working with Lieutenant Willard in the future.

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