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"Gravity" is a special episode of Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles and Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions, set in the Pendragon universe as a part of the Other Knights anthology.

Teaser synopsisEdit

The Federation Civil War is over. Project Restoration is completed and the new Deep Space 9 is on-line. But Captain Daniel Radke needs to gather his friends and the commanding officer of the USS Cantabrian together to face a growing threat...


Coming soon.

Background notesEdit

  • This episode is part of Star Trek: Pendragon's Other Knights anthology, which proposes "what if your series's characters were stuck in the Pendragon universe?"
  • The title is taken from Bic Runga's song of the same name.


Advantage, USS; Aotearoa, USS; Bajoran wormhole; Cantabrian, USS; chroniton radiation; Cuxhaven, USS; De Gaillimhe, Liam; Eriksson, Kari; Fernandes, Antonio; Greene, John; Greene, Michael; Hahn Jun-Seok; Hastings, USS; Hope, USS; Lawless, Brendon; Mahler, Rafe; M'Tar; Myhr'an; Prospect-A, USS; Radke, Daniel; Rhaandaran; Saurian brandy; Seoul, USS; Stratos, George; Tedesco, Anne; Tedesco, Steven; Waka, USS; Whakatane, USS; Winterthur, USS; Wrightson, Noah

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