The Grabvine Gateway was a soapbox car race held on a weekly basis on Xita. Like its volcanic counterpart, the Fire Mountain Rally, the race got through a rainforest but with major differences: the race was a two-seater race, the starting line was located on a high plateau and the finish line, inside a shopping mall, the Darth Mall more specifically, near which thousands of soapbox racing enthusiasts massed.

One of the weekly editions of the race had a prize that was of a high military technology importance to both the Federation Starfleet and the Lyran Starfleet, prompting Klingon Intelligence to send in several teams of agents at the race to recapture the piece of sensitive military technology. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "At the Soapbox Races")


The raceEdit

Expanded Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Akeelah waved a checkered flag at the starting line of the race, located on a high plateau. Mrazek's cart tried to push one of the Klingon teams off a cliff, but failed. A couple of seconds later, the Nausicaan team tried to bring the Gorns off the track and failed also, but the Krantian team put one of the Klingon teams out of commission, making both teams fall into a bog located in a curvy section of the course. The team dispatched by the Magnetize (BC-349) have come to a full stop to assist them, beaming up the Krantians to the Magnetize's sickbay.

Shortly thereafter, the Gorn team crashed into a boulder, thus eliminating them from the race while the second Klingon team and the two frontrunning Lyran teams are closing in the south gate of the Darth Mall, where they are cheered on by thousands. While the Klingon team remaining gets thrown bananas their way, they get past the mall's gate and they slip off the floor, finishing their race crashing into a fountain. Brianna wins the race by a slim margin in the Darth Mall's food court.

The resultsEdit

  • Winner: Brianna Reiss/Kolmor
  • Runner-up: Urie/Mrazek
  • 3rd place: Jutudiel/Faith Kingsford

Did not finishEdit

  • Both Klingon teams
  • The Krantian team
  • The Gorn team
  • The Nausicaan team
  • The team from the Magnetize

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