Gozer was a Klingon Defense Force officer who served the IKS Baetal after his previous ship was severely damaged by a tribble infestation. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X, Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge)


In 2410, Gozer was part of the IKS Rotog crew when it was infested with spaceborn, alternate universe tribble who attempted to turn everyone into giant tribble. After he was turned, he, along with the rest of the crew, went through with their resulting pregnancies as method to running the tribble venom through their bodies' systems. After giving birth, Gozer and the rest of the crew turned back to their normal selves. Afterward, all spawned tribble were ejected into space. Later, when he and the crew were transferred to serve the IKS Baetal, Captain Sigon thought he was still seeing tribble to Gozer's dismay. Gozer attempted to stop Sigon from unintentionally slaughtering the ship's targ supply, but was unsuccessful. When Sigon admitted his failings due to an incomplete pregnancy on his part, Gozer supported Sigon's honesty and dialogue on miscarriages. ("Apparitions")


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