Golf was a Human sport that originated on Earth in the late Middle Ages. The objective was to sink a ball in a series of holes, with a golf club, and the winner was the player that took the least amount of strokes to achieve the goal. A golf field was known as a course and was available in both 9-hole and 18-hole varieties. (VOY: "Inside Man")

Q'Naabian pirates held hostage a Federation engineering team that was assigned to the design of the Melbourne-class. Golf was played beginning with a tee time. The winner of the Pothole Omnium was awarded the hostages; the golf course was in an urban setting where large potholes served as golf holes, complicating play due to the numerous obstacles on the course.

The Valni Narrows was a golf course on Malachor V, reputed for being the most difficult in the Lyran Star Empire. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Pothole Omnium")

The Riyannis symbiont's second host, Borryn Riyannis, picked up golf while living on Earth with his family, part of the Trill diplomatic delegation to the Federation. Borryn would go on to win the British Open at age 18, then won all four major Earth tournaments at age 23. He used the winnings from that year to open the Shera Meadows golf course outside Leran Manev, and won the Trill Open for the first six years of its run.

The symbiont in turn passed a fondness for golf down to subsequent hosts Pirka and Birail Riyannis, but not Devon Riyannis. (Bait and Switch: "Tinker, Golfer, Doctor, Trill")


Q'Naabian rulesEdit

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of golf rules.
  • Q'Naabian golf holes needed not have any specific size
  • Four players were assigned to any given tee time
  • Q'Naabian golf holes have only one teeing area for all players on any given hole
  • Only one caddy can be used at any given time by a group of players under the same tee time
  • Caddies can only be substituted at the beginning or at the end of a hole
  • Out of bounds shots are to be played from where it was last played, with a one-stroke penalty
  • In single-round team tournaments, tie-breakers were to be acted on as follows: back-9, last 6 holes, last 3 holes, last hole, team with the best individual player, team with best individual hole-wise performance and then an additional hole could be played for breaking the tie

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