Major General Ginevra Weasley was the commander of Army Security during the Second Wizarding War. She had proven her skills at the Battle of Marseilles, in which she inflicted heavy casualties on the Dark Lord's forces and held them off for the civilians attending her brother's wedding were able to evacuate the combat zone. An operation for which she was subsequently decorated by her government after she was rescued from the Death Eater labor camp where she was held for a number of weeks. (Chaos, Love, and War)

In 1997, after the Army was adopted by the International Confederation of Wizards, the subsequent reorganization made her the commander of Army Security. It was here she assigned two newly commissioned field officers, Lieutenants Rebecca Farouk and Yukiko Creevey to investigate a series of murders in Hogsmeade and London. She removed the former from the investigation a few months after her impregnation by her husband Michael Corner, as a way of keeping a potential stain on her command (she'd risk a public outcry if a pregnant soldier was killed in the line of duty) under wraps. As well as to punish her for bucking the rules several times during unrelated investigations. And assigned her as her personal aide, while reassigning her friend Yukiko to the investigation.

She accepted the help of Roberta Lincoln and Rain Robinson, as well as a Vulcan named Mestral in ascertaining the truth of her executive officer's alleged suspicion as a serial killer. In reality he was really a host of the Redjac entity (Its Hour Come Round at Last)

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