Gianni Mastroianni was born in Florence, Italy on Earth in the mid-24th century. He studied law before being recruited by the Federation Intelligence Service. As an FIS Agent, Gianni was involved in the investigation of Admiral Leyton's abortive coup in 2372, and sometime afterwards was partnered with T'Val.

Described as "ruggedly handsome with a prominent Roman nose," Gianni is a devout Roman Catholic, and never uses profanity. His musical tastes are eclectic, but he is especially fond of the 20th century Earth singer Vic Fontaine. He drinks sparingly, and is fond of trying out new types of food. He is intensely loyal to his partner.

Gianni dresses in somber colors, but in the latest fashion. He tends to the flamboyant, in stark contrast to T'Val. He carries a Phaser Type I concealed in the waistband of his trousers at the small of his back. (Memory Icon)

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