"Ghosts" (or "Ghost Face Killah") was the thirty-fourth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the ninth episode of the second season.


Red begins to find that he is in-tuned to a theoretical "neural frequency" that happens to be on the same level as another level of existence. After tinkering with an alien subspace technology, he is suddenly the only one capable of seeing an alien intruder on the Phoenix-X.

Log entriesEdit

"Captain's Log, Fev-date 9923 the third season. My crew is starting to lose hope. This ghost ship continues to attack us, seven days straight!! ........The hull is starting to buckle and more and more systems are going offline. I have done everything to counter this enemy. I have tried communicating, manoeuvring, returning fire! But there is still nothing to fire back at. We have been cursed ever since we joined this stupid alliance! I cannot even see the enemy that tries to kill me! That is why I warn whoever finds these logs. Beware the ghost ship! Beware!!!"

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