The Gethsemane Group was a special Starfleet agency founded after the first Caine attack on Mars. Their task is protecting humankind against the Caine and improving a mathematical algorithm which is able to predict the behavior of the Caine.[1]



The group headquarters was built in Kyoto, at the place of a facility destroyed during the Andromedan Invasion. Because of this, behind the headquarters, there are the former dirtwater basins of the facility. At some places in the headquarters, there are strange biological parts of the headquarters which sometimes seem to be alive. Nobody knows what they are exactly.

In the story, it's not stated but possible that these parts have something to do with an alien corpse found in the Pacific. After this corpse was found, the parents of Madoka Michael and many other scientists had to look after the corpse, but only a few scientists survived. Nobody knows what happened to the corpse after that.

Commanders of the OrganisationEdit

The boss of the group is a former prince of an alien planet. There are also two vice commanders, a former farmer and a virgin from Orion.

(Note , this is a not very serious allusion to the "Dreigestirn" of the Cologne Carnival)


Special ranks in the groupEdit

Connections to Section 31Edit

The group boss has connections to Section 31 which wields a major influence in control of the group. Section 31 also uses the group to fulfill their plan.



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