"Genesis" is the original pilot episode of the Star Trek: USS Hathaway fan film series.

Primary castEdit

  • Brad Hathaway: Captain Jeffery Pierce
  • Traeonna A R Wagener: Commander Lara
  • Marc Hathaway: Lt Commander Michael Sinclair
  • Kristin Walton: Lt Commander Susan Mirsky
  • Natalie Bostelman: Lieutenant R'Meera
  • Jody Snyder: Lieutenant Junior Grade Ameline Des Jardins
  • Keith Roach: Ensign Roger Donovan
  • Jerry Stanford, Jr.: Doctor Vorzok

Quick Overview: The new experimental Constellation-class starship, being overshadowed by the Trans-warp experiment, is sent to investigate the after effects of the Genesis explosion caused on Stardate 8210.3 by Khan Noonien Singh. More info soon


  • The line "Red Alert" said by Lara had the most takes so far, it is Traeonna's most hated line in the series to date.


"Where we see a terraforming tool, they see a weapon capable of destroying entire planets and the populations that reside on them!"
Captain Pierce to R'Meera.
"If transwarp wasn't such a big deal right now, this would be getting all the press."
— Engineer Susan Mirsky to Security Chief Michael Sinclair.

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