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For the original prompt, see: STO Literary Challenge #64 : The New Frontier
"Gender Swap" (or "The New Frontier, Part II") was the third literary episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the third literary episode of the fourth season. It was the fourth Star Trek: Phoenix-X entry written for the Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge.


Seifer and Kayl are accidentally transported to a universe where everyone is the opposite gender.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Phoenix-X to Ferengi vessel-- please stop your space-poking at once!"
Oroku Seifer

Links and referencesEdit

Main charactersEdit

No appearance:

Guest charactersEdit

Prime universeEdit

Gender-swapped universeEdit

  • Captain Nikki T. Seifer
  • Lieutenant Commander Amanda
  • Lieutenant Commander Kojo
  • Lieutenant Kyle
  • Ensign Danni
  • Diamon Cida

Starships and basesEdit

Prime universeEdit

Gender-swapped universeEdit

  • USS Phoenix-X
  • SS Jade Fox

Background informationEdit

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