Gemna Kolaris is a desert planet and the home of the Jaderra. (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Beginning of Infinity)

Gemna Kolaris originally was a lush Earth-like planet but an asteroid strike caused an ecologically disaster altering the planet. A deadly substance was contained within the asteroid and was spread across the planet by the impact, killing many of the native flora and fauna. The substance eventually disappeared but had reduced the planet to a harsh desert world.

The inhabitants live in clans. One of these clans applied for Federation membership in the 22nd century. Their application was rejected due to a failure to meet all the requirements of membership. In the 24th century the clan managed to successfully reapply and became members of the Federation.

Astronomical dataEdit


The ruling clansEdit

Inhabitants of the planetEdit

Notable locationsEdit

  • Next to the night club of Markus Will, there an old abandoned temple, which the Federation has converted into their base of operations on the planet. A big hall near the entrance of the base became a market place during the 24th century. Under the base , there are old catacombs.


  • The planet is partly based on Arrakis.
  • The ecological disaster caused by the substance within the asteroid is based on Tiberium from Command and Conquer.
  • The market place was partly inspired by a market place in Final Fantasy 12.
  • SSJKamui got the idea of the catacombs under the base when he saw the cellar of his school.

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