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Dr. Gavar was the Assistant chief medical officer onboard the USS Sol in the late 23rd century. (Star Trek: The Intrepid Adventures)

Early life before StarfleetEdit

Dr. Gavar was born on October 8,2236 human calendar time on the planet Tellar.

Memorable quotesEdit


  • 2236: Gavar is born on Tellar.
  • 2258: Gavar enters Starfleet Academy
  • 2262: Gavar graduates Starfleet Academy and promoted to Lieutenant, his first assignment is the USS Ajax as a Doctor.
  • 2265: Gavar is assigned to Starbase 170 as a Doctor.
  • 2267: Gavar is assigned to the USS Polaris as a Doctor.
  • 2269: Gavar is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and is assigned to the USS Sol as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Service recordEdit

Cadet (2250s) Cadet 2258-2262 attended Starfleet Academy
Officer (2250s).png
Blue (2250s).png
Lieutenant 2262- 2269 assigned as a Doctor on the USS Ajax.
LT (TOS).png
Blue (TOS).png
Lieutenant 2262-2269 Doctor on Starbase 170, Doctor on the USS Polaris.
LCDR (TOS).png
Blue (TOS).png
Lieutenant commander 2269- Assistant chief medical officer on the USS Sol

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