The Gamma Germanicus system is a single-star system located in Sector 59 of the Gamma Quadrant. It contains seven known planets, one of which is natively inhabited.


  • Gamma Germanicus I (Gryffindor)
  • Gamma Germanicus II (Slytherin)
  • Gamma Germanicus III (Ravenclaw)
  • Gamma Germanicus IV (Hufflepuff)
  • Gamma Germanicus V
  • Gamma Germanicus VI
  • Gamma Germanicus VII (Hogwarts)

Alternate realityEdit

In the alternate reality caused by the Romulan known as Nero, the Gamma Germanicus system was the name for a solar system that housed New Vulcan, a refugee colony founded following Nero's destruction of Vulcan. (A Flight to Remember)

Background informationEdit

The names of the first four planets in the prime timeline's Gamma Germanicus system are taken from early research materials developed by William Raymer for Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk. They are not mentioned in the finished story.

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