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Gamma Force was a message board RPG based around Starfleet's fleet in the Gamma Quadrant in the late 24th century. Gamma Force appears to be no longer active.


Gamma Force is comprised of dozens of members, all of whom roleplay characters on several ships and starbases assigned to Starfleet's Gamma Force.


Since the beginning, the site has grown exponentially. The site is governed by General Mike Malone, assisted by the Command Staff, who meet almost everyday to discuss the running of the site. The ships and bases are divided into Task Forces, all of which are run by a Task Force Commander. Each Task Force is broken down into Task Groups, all of which are run by a Task Group Commander. Ship Commanders report to the Task Group Commander, who reports to the Task Force Commander, who then reports to the Command Staff.

Fleet StaffEdit

Ships and starbasesEdit

The ships and starbases of Gamma Force are listed below.

Gamma Force AcademyEdit

Task Force 1 Alpha PackEdit

Task Group 1-1 The HuntersEdit

Task Group 1-2 The CubsEdit

Task Force 2 Beta PackEdit

  • USS Maverick - Task Force flagship

Task Group 2-1 The HowlersEdit

  • Zathustra Station

Task Group 2-2 The PredatorsEdit

External linkEdit

Gamma Force

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