The Galileo-class was a class of ship first designed during the Federation Civil War in 2578, and officially launched in 2587. (Star Trek: Broken Pieces)

Early developmentEdit

During the Federation Civil War, the Federation lost most of their advanced ships either to destruction or being captured, including the Universe-class vessels. So more out of necessity, they designed the Galileo-class in order to make up for lost ships.

The Battle of the Sol systemEdit

The prototype USS Galileo saw action during the Civil War only during the attempted Vulcan invasion of the Sol system. The ship barely survived before the combined Klingon and Romulan fleet managed to push back the invading Vulcan forces.

After the end of the battle, the Galileo was put into drydock for repairs while the other ships in the class where constructed. The need for resources delayed the completion of the Enterprise until 2587.

Ships in this classEdit

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