The Vixinavis-class Provectus was an extremely advanced and experimental vessel. (Adventures of STAG)

Many years ago, at a location which has been classified, Federation scientists came across the crashed remains of a vessel unlike any ever encountered before. This vessel originated from another galaxy. The scientists reverse-engineered the ship, gleaning new and unknown technologies. For years, the project remained highly classified, the location of the original crash-site and orbiting research station known only by those entrusted with the secret knowledge. Eventually, they created an experimental hybrid vessel. This ship, classed Vixinavis and given the designation of Provectus (no "USS" prefix), was unique and completely untested.

As well as the usual Federation technologies, such as warp drive, impulse, phasers, torpedoes, et cetera, this vessel bears several unique characteristics. The ship is more of a biological entity than a traditional starship. It has self-regenerating "hullskin"; a multiphasic deflector cannon which acts as the ship's primary weapon, able to fire balls of extremely destructive plasma; and a Transphasic Warp Drive propulsion system.

The interior of the vessel carries all the trimmings of comfort: Holodecks, two forward "observatoriums" (recreational areas with facilities for dining, swimming, diverse vegetation, trees, etc.). The ship's unique bio-regenerative properties enable interiors to be customized. Furniture and more can be "morphed" from decks and bulkheads.

The Provectus can land on planets and go underwater, and carries a complement of Iccopreliator shuttles in a large rear hangar. The landing legs feature actuators and are able to "crawl", thus giving the ship the unique ability to scuttle across ground like an enormous lobster.

The Provectus was negotiated from Starfleet shortly after being commissioned, and upgraded with all of the technologies available to STAG. Telma Etran was appointed captain.

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