Future Guy

Future Guy

"Future Guy" (also known as the humanoid figure) was a mysterious individual who was the leader of a faction in the Temporal Cold War.

Fan fiction continuitiesEdit


Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as "Voldemort."

Harry Potter and the Return of James T. KirkEdit

In Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk, Future Guy's identity is revealed as Voldemort, the man who killed the parents of Harry Potter as part of a reign of terror which culminated with Voldemort's death in the Battle of Sagittarius IX.

Star Trek: Lambda PazEdit

The "Future Guy" with whom Jonathan Archer and his crew had repeated encounters had at least one cohort who communicated through time with proxy agents from the past. One of them secured the assistance of Sindareen pirate Tor Vot in the 24th century. Tor Vot, hoping to raise his people out of economic ruin, forwarded tactical information to the Dominion provided by this benefactor in exchange for new riches. Such riches included the cormaline deposits on Makar VI.

This Future Guy had the ability to send a pair of starships back through time using the principle of folded-space transport. The major limitation of this time travel approach was that the ships were quickly pulled back into their native time period. For that reason, the "Death star's" strategy was to attack a Starfleet ship to slow it down to turn major battles in the Dominion War, won by the Federation Alliance, in the Dominion's favor. (" The Tides of War, Part I")

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