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Foundationism is a semi-religious belief system that appeared on Earth sometime after the 2060s in response to contact with other intelligent species in the universe. The central tenet of the Foundation is to get back to the roots of all the Terran religions, going past the individual doctrines to the core of each belief system to find the commonalities between them.

Foundationists also believe that all intelligent beings are manifestations of the universe itself, and that "the more you try to define God, the further away you get from truly explaining him."

The Foundation adopted the "walkabout" concept from Aboriginal Australians, as a means of finding oneself after a personal crisis.

Akrik and Inkeri Andersen were Foundationist missionaries in the 24th century, and several of their children, including Ingrid and Davin, were practicing Foundationists as well. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

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