You may also be looking for the planet Flortarios III.
"Flortarios III" was the third episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X, and was actually two episodes in one.

Flortarios IIIEdit

The Phoenix-X intercepts a trade deal between a group of Ferengi and Jem'Hadar soldiers on Flortarios III. But it all goes awry when it seems there is a traitor on board...

Missed the MishapEdit

The Phoenix-X encounters a Cardassian vessel after a sudden mishap between them. A second incident leads to the Phoenix-X obtaining one of their people and the Cardassian vessel obtaining the Captain of the Phoenix-X.

Background informationEdit

  • This episode would later be revisited in "Secret Shuttles, Part III", where the events leading up to this encounter would be clarified.
  • This episode marks Meloneus' first obsession with Changelings. It would later be revisited in "BaKardi Slang".

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