"First Strike" was the first episode of the Star Trek: Artemis reboot as a Second Life roleplay group.


In 2386, the USS Artemis is patrolling the Beta Quadrant with the hope of having first contact with a new species called the Kreon. Its the night watch and the Executive Officer Lt. Commander Joran Tenar is in command with the Artemis traveling the area at Warp 2. Long Range Sensors pick up an unknown ship in the distance and hoping its the Kreons, the Artemis sets and intercepting course. When they finally get the ship into view, they hail them to no answer. Eventually the Kreon ship attacks with distruptor fire. With the shields down, the Artemis takes some serious damage. Eventually the fight becomes a back and forth struggle between the two ships. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with the Artemis still on red alert and in battle when Captain Bruce Dashuria is thrown from the command chair by an explosion and is declared dead by Doctor B'Lew.

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