First Battle of Tovolo
Part of ISC War of Pacification
Date: 2294
Location: Tovolo system
Result: Kzinti victory
Kzinti Patirarchy Interstellar Concordium Pacification Army
unknown Captain Marinus
1 freighter
other ships unknown
1 shipyard
3 ships
unknown All
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Battle of Thuban First Battle at the Grave of Thoughts

The First Battle of Tovolo was an engagement fought between the Kzinti Patirarchy and the Interstellar Concordium in late 2294. It marked the first significant victory against ISC installations. (TOS video game: "Starfleet Command II: Empires at War")

The battleEdit

The Tovolo system was lightly defended and, as such, a squadron, commanded by Marinus, one of the greatest ISC captains, was made commanding officer of all forces in the system. Not only did the Kzintis manage to get a modified tanker up close, they used it to blow up all the drydocks in the asteroid field containing the shipyard.

The remainder of the Kzinti fleet engaged Marinus and his forces in space, resulting in his defeat. A ground operation on Tovolo resulted in light Kzinti casualties but also in the capture of crucial information.

Production notesEdit

The corresponding SFC2 mission, The Grim Resolve, did not name the system or name the attackers (the player could be of any of the seven races fighting the ISC), the canonical aftermath, however, was that of the destruction of the ISC shipyards.

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