A film school is an educational institution dedicated to teaching aspects of filmmaking, such as directing, screenwriting, film production, film theory as well as film history. A film school's curriculum often comprised technical, hands-on training.

The Iron Fang County awarded one full-ride scholarship to study at a film school. If the recipient ended up attending a film school without tuition, the scholarship was awarded to an alternate winner that attended a film school with tuition. Plus, film, as well as film school, were considered by Cardassians as being tools of joy and thus shunned by that species. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Generational Ghosts")

Production notesEdit

It was originally intended for one of the applicants to that scholarship to apply at University of Southern California, but after the destruction of Los Angeles (and, by extension, USC) in 2047, as per VOY: "Future's End", it was decided to have that applicant apply at NYU instead.

List of film schoolsEdit

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