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Fierce In Peace is a fan fiction series about the USS Lennon (NCC-34251), which finds itself orbiting our version of Earth, and ends up with one extra passenger, Eli Jannis. The story is meant as a funny and dramatic tale using only original characters (meaning the author does not intend for any canon characters to interact with the characters, although they may be mentioned).

This fan fiction was started 26 March 2007, and currently has ten chapters of one story published by TwoClovedHooves on More stories are planned for Fierce In Peace, but the first story shall be finished prior to this.


There are two different timelines within Fierce In Peace.

Timeline AEdit

The original timeline, where the story begins. Set in early 2007 of our Earth, this timeline is about a month or so before Eli Jannis turns eighteen. In this timeline, the Romulans attack only three days after the USS Lennon has arrived.

Timeline BEdit

Set approximately eight years after Timeline A, this timeline diverges from the other in that Romulans didn't attack them three days into their arrival, instead attacking eight years afterward. Then, while the USS Lennon is still stuck in orbit of our version of Earth, there are a few changes, such as Eli Jannis's marriage to Doctor Sorick.


Timeline AEdit

Main castEdit

Supporting castEdit

Timeline BEdit

Main castEdit

  • Eli Jannis: The main character, twenty-six years old; wife of Sorick.
  • Sorick: Three-quarters Vulcan, one-quarter Klingon chief medical officer; husband of Eli.
  • Arandel: Captain of the USS Lennon.
  • Jack Henson: Commander of the USS Lennon; Eli's adoptive father.
  • Gildar Rathana: Engineering ensign; Eli's best friend.
  • Tikaral: The main villain, commander of the Romulan warbird; cause of all the time travel/alternate universe stuff.
  • Jergon: Subcommander of the Romulan warbird.

Supporting castEdit

  • Jovit: Lieutenant Commander, third-in-command; really Illyn Sampton.
  • Boral: Tellarite chief of engineering, Lieutenant rank; close friend to the captain.
  • Sh'tas: Andorian counselor; Lieutenant rank.
  • Lola Henson: Commander Jack Henson's husband, Eli's adoptive mother.

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