Fever Five was the eighth episode of the first season of Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead. It is not yet published.

Summary TextEdit

Stardate 43409.47: Continued from "Eight The Hard Way," the consequences of Casino Night spill over into the next day as Commander Kincaid deals with the advances of the popular actress, Dorothy Darrington and is saddled with the responsibility when Ariel finds out. Meanwhile, Greg embraces an casual relationship with Public Affairs Officer Victoria Waltham, while Abbie tries to come to grips with her anger over this sudden development.

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Background & TriviaEdit

  • The title of this episode refers to a die roll in the casino game craps. The roll is a two and a three. The title is a double-entendre, referring to the two couples (Dorothy and Kincaid, Greg and Victoria) and Ariel Elannis caught in the middle.


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