The Fenarans were a warp-capable humanoid species inhabiting the planet Fenra IV. (Star Trek: Constance)


The Fenarans were a society that focused on scientific development, choosing it over conquest, Captain Rachel Covaks would comment that this desire would make them a viable candidate for entry into the Federation.

Scientists were highly regarded in Fenaran society, though little was known about the planet otherwise.

First contactEdit

The lead scientist of the Warp Project, Dr. Horban successfully tested the first Fenaran Warp ship. His excitement was however short lived when Captain Covaks transported into the warp facility to warn him about the threat coming from the Orion Klingon Defense Force officers.

Dr. Horban was convinced by Captain Covaks to attempt to get his government to break off talks with the Orions. The battle between the USS Constance and the IKS Mish'ra may have convinced them more than anything. The Fenarans agreed to take the possibility of joining the Federation under advisement.

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