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UFP Flag

Emblem of the United Federation of Planet.

Founding membersEdit

The Federation was founded in 2161. The founding members included:

Homeworld of the Andorians and Andorian Empire.
Homeworld of humans and United Earth
Homeworld of the Tellarites
Homewolrd of the Vulcans

Federation membersEdit

The following were known to be members of the Federation:

Joined in the 24th century
Homeworld of the Betazoids.
Homeworld of the Benzites
Homeworld of the Bolians
Homeworld of the Caitians.
Joined in the 24th century, and first non-Alpha or Beta Quadrant planet to join the Federation. (Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk)
Homeworld of the Trill.


Homeworld of the Shar'talans.

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