The Federation Marine Corps First Division was a marine division consisting of four regiments. The division was headquartered at Deep Space 9, with three of its four regiments stationed at other locations in the Alpha Quadrant. The division's commanding officer was Major General Cole MacArthur. (Star Trek: Remington)

Organization Edit

First RegimentEdit

The 1st Marines were stationed at Deep Space 9 and were commanded by Colonel Taras Galnar.

Thirteenth RegimentEdit

The 13th Marines were stationed at Starbase 30 and were commanded by Colonel Tazhria sh'Rosia.

Seventeenth RegimentEdit

The 17th Marines were stationed on Vulcan and were commanded by Colonel Kumiko Inoue.

Thirty-Eighth RegimentEdit

The 38th Marines were stationed on Rho Tarandi III and were commanded by Colonel T'Han.