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The Federation Diplomatic Corps is an agency of the United Federation of Planets comprised of ambassadors, envoys and other diplomats who negotiate on behalf of the UFP. The corps is a division of the Federation Department of the Exterior, responsible for negotiating treaties with foreign states and maintaining relations between Federation members. The corps executes the foreign policy set forth by the Federation President, Federation Council, and Federation Secretary of the Exterior, and often often works hand-in-hand with the Starfleet.

The corps is often called obstinate and thought to impede effective implementation of foreign policy by many in Starfleet. Nevertheless, the diplomatic skills of many corps members have proved invaluable in maintaining good relations with many foreign states. (Star Trek: Insurrection, SCE: Interphase: Book One; Articles of the Federation, etc.)

In 2375, during the Dominion War, the Corps' main goal was peace with the Dominion, while also securing allies should that peace prove elusive. Thus preoccupied, the Corps was forced to delegate many of its standard tasks to other parties. As such the USS Enterprise-E was dispatched to mediate a dispute in the Goren system in 2375. (Star Trek: Insurrection)



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