Fearless Class

The Fearless class of vessel.

The Fearless class was a Federation starship class launched in 2431. (Star Trek: Discovery)

Early developmentEdit

The Fearless class was put on the drawing board as early as 2419 along with the Tesla and Verne classes. Following the end of the Klingon war, Starfleet started to make a push back towards exploration, and the Fearless class was one of the first classes to be designed for that purpose.

Following the end of the last Borg conflict in 2427, construction was halfway completed, and there was a brief push towards converting the Fearless class to warships as things heated up with the Romulans. By 2430 however, the decision to keep the Fearless and the other classes as exploration vessels was made, but they where kept well armed in case of any conflict that might arise.

The USS DiscoveryEdit

When the Fearless class was launched, one of the first vessels was the USS Discovery under Captain Sarah Anderson. The Discovery would go on to re-establish contact with the Tholians, who had been mostly out of contact since the Tholian conflict of the 2380's.

Other ships like the USS Fearless and the USS Serapis would go on to explore unknown areas of the Gamma Quadrant.

Ships in the classEdit

  • USS Fearless (NCC-103241)
  • USS Discovery (NCC-103267)
  • USS Serpais (NCC-103255)

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