Fari Sonali
Species: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Born: March 2359
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 70 kg
Affiliation: Imperial Union of Planets, Imperial Starfleet
Stationed: ISS Arcadia
Rank: First Lieutenant
"Do you see my situation? You win and I support, I get something for my trouble; but if you fail and I support, well I could end up in the pain booth with the rest of you, and I don't like that idea right now."
— Fari, speaking to Marx Richtor during an attempted coup.

In the mirror universe, Fari Sonali was executive officer of the ISS Arcadia's assault team under Major Jackson Bretta, known for an attitude that could change as quickly as the passing seconds. When it suited her, she could be as gentle as a kitten and seductive. She always acted this way around senior officers in an attempt to gain their favor and affection. She could also retaliate in anger without caring about the reaction she received. Her personality was mercurial, with many "facets" and personalities.

Fari Sonali's family was small and insignificant, whom most left alone to live in relative peace. But her parents knew that it would not always be this way, and taught her self-defense from a relatively young age. Hand-to-hand combat quickly became a favorite.

When approaching her twenties, Sonali was spotted by an Alliance officer as a "pretty face" and taken to Terok Nor to warm his bed. Sonali wouldn't have minded it much, as it was an easy life, but she and the officer got off on the wrong foot. They often fought but she would gain the upper hand due to her physical training. After approximately one month the officer was killed, it was assumed by Terrans who had managed to corner him alone and outnumber him. The truth was that one of his and Sonali's fights had escalated to a point when this happened.

Sonali slipped out of sight while his death was being investigated. She took up a job as a waitress/bartender at the bar on Terok Nor. The Terran rebellion sparked her interest. Sonali wasn't a fan of the Alliance. The rebels distrusted her at first but soon saw her usefulness and accepted her. She continued with the rebels into the formation of the new Imperial Union of Planets, gaining much in the way of fighting techniques as she went. She also began to wear daggers hidden in her clothes, one in her boot.

Following the destruction of the ISS Arcadia, Fari's whereabouts were unknown. (Star Trek: New Empire)


  • Fari's interests included anyone of the male gender. This came from recognition of connecting men with gaining a higher position.
  • Learned many dances, including a couple from Orion women, with which to amuse herself and others.
  • Regularly worked out and practiced forms of fighting, preferring to fight close-up with daggers or bare hands and feet.