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The FGM-385 Pilum was a shoulder-fired guided missile launcher issued to Starfleet ground forces in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch: "Brother on Brother, Daughter on Mother")

The Pilum appears to be named for the pilum, a throwing spear carried by Roman legionnaires.

Technical dataEdit

The Pilum used a fire-and-forget guidance system and was fitted with a replicator system for reloading. Between 2407 and 2411 it had been upgraded and could select between anti-tank and fragmentation loads. (Bait and Switch: "Brother on Brother, Daughter on Mother")


In 2411 Lieutenant Rachel Connor used a Pilum launcher in an attack on a Borg installation in the Delta Quadrant, killing a large assimilated Gorn and several tactical drones with anti-tank rounds, before being informed of the frag option by Petty Officer Jose Luiz. (Bait and Switch: "Brother on Brother, Daughter on Mother")

In addition to this named appearance in the Bait and Switch continuity, A Voice in the Wilderness and Beat the Drums of War both speak of Starfleet forces wielding anti-armor weapons against opponents such as Vaadwaur, Voth, and Heralds, which likely includes Pilum missile launchers.

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