The Klingon F8 Kom Ka'Des was a type of electronic warfare frigate utilized by the Klingon Defense Force from the mid 23rd century. Kom Ka'Des in Klingon means "forever the winner". (Star Trek: Origins)


The first use of the F8 class, was in the Klingon invasion of the Hydran Kingdom, causing much confusion and surprise to the Hydran Royal Navy thanks to his unique ability to interfere which subspace communications and hiding himself at warp.

This ship was retired when the warp masking device became obsolete in 2260.

Technical dataEdit

This ship has a powerful subspace noise emitter that can break all subspace communications in a zone of four light-years around of the ship. In addition of a powerful sensor array, this ship has the Klingon Warp Mask Device that can mask the warp signals of the ship in warp, making it difficult to detect the ship during warp, as well as making the ship practical invisible to the sensor arrays at more then two light seconds. This awesome device, use around of 40% of the space of the ship and consumes a large amount of energy, limiting the ship to warp 5 when the device is in use.. However this makes the ship very dangerous since it can warp in without warning and begin a surprise attack.

The KDF use the ships in small groups, never alone. Some admirals of the Federation called the F8 the "subs" of the stars.


This ship have a cruise warp speed of 5.6 and maximum speed of 7.3. There are rumors that the KDF are trying to adapt the device to the D6-class D6 and at same time, are trying to give a warp 8 core to the F8. The ship have quad impulse engines, giving it a high sub-light speeds and giving the necessary power to the Klingon Warp Mask Device.


This ship designed mainly for electronic warfare and limited hit and run missions. They only carry two disruptors, giving it which less firepower that a refitted 22nd century Klingon Bird of Prey. This lack of firepower is compensated by the ships working in groups of three or more. From 2230 to 2250 the F8 saw more usage by the KDF that the Bird of Prey.

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