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"Ex Astris Scientia" (abbreviated EAS) is home to a large-scale canon starship research project with an associated fan fiction site, with many specifications and definitions for numerous conjectural starship classes, as well as analyses of starship-related topics and other Star Trek minutiae.

The site once hosted the Starfleet Museum, Journal of Applied Treknology, and Advanced Starship Design Bureau.


EAS has a large database of ship images, many of which are used on this wiki. Almost every ship seen in Trek canon is covered in the site, from the familiar Constitution class to the Voth city-ship from Star Trek: Voyager.

Fan fictionEdit

Some fan fiction on Ex Astris Scientia includes:

In addition, the site contains several fan-created ships at the EAS Fleet Yards.

A section called Canon Fodder contains many essays fixing the Star Trek "disContinuity".

External linksEdit

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