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The European Alliance was a Terran political entity existing at least in the early 24th century, encompassing some, if not all, of the old nation-states on the European continent. It may have evolved out of the European Hegemony and co-existed with the United Earth government. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder", "The Price")

One of the predecessor political entities to the Alliance, at least in the early 23rd century, was the Second European Union that included England, as Lexington navigator Terrence Lawford was born in that Union. Alternately, the Alliance may have been formed from the merging of the Second European Union with the European Hegemony. (Star Trek: Lexington (United Trek))

Dunames Lopez pledged, for Belgium, to attend a law school outside the European Alliance within three years of taking the 0L Pledge for European Law School Transparency in order to protest the Alliance's inaction about full disclosure of law school placement. She was the only one to break the pledge. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Pledge of the Protester")

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