EuroBasket Women High School was an Europe-wide basketball tournament held between high school-level teams. Due to the relative strength of youth club vs. school teams, EuroBasket Women High School was considered by many as being a substandard tournament. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me")


The tournament consisted of two rounds.


  • The top eight countries in the last EuroBasket Women High School were entitled to a spot the following year
  • The remaining 16 participants were to be selected through qualifying tournaments
  • Each country is entitled to one team, represented by its national high school champion (or, if no national high school championship is held, a national team can be assembled in its stead)

Preliminary roundEdit

The twenty-four countries were assigned to one of four pools; the preliminary round was considered a round-robin rotation. The best four teams in each pool advanced to the medal round. However, two pools were formed entirely with Western European countries, and the remaining two pools with Eastern European countries.

Medal roundEdit

The medal round was single-elimination. Western teams played exclusively against Western teams (and likewise with Eastern teams) until the finals. Semi-final losers played one another for the bronze medal.

Notable playersEdit

Participant schoolsEdit