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Twenty-fourth century Starfleet officer Esteban Maroto was the captain of the starship Istanbul and a Starfleet Academy classmate of Stephen April. Maroto played practical jokes on others, including April, beginning in their Academy days; a custom which reached fevered heights for the latter every April 1st on the Terran calendar, a day traditionally known in some levels of Earth culture as "April Fools' Day". In response to April's disapprobation at Maroto's antics, Maroto labeled April with the nickname "Killer" (as in "April fools-killer"), by which Maroto called April in conversation ever since. Twenty-three years after graduation, Maroto continued to perpetrate his eccentric sense of humor.

Maroto joined the Humanists by 2380, when, along with Terran business leader Kwanzai Hiro, he tried to draw April to their cause. He also maintained contact with Kligney, CO of the Southampton, another fellow Academy graduate. (Star Trek: Arcadia)


Maroto was named after Spanish comic-book artist Esteban Maroto.

First appearance: "Old Times" at Star Trek: Arcadia (list 2)

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