"There's a lunatic on this ship."
"Be specific,"
"His name is Erwin. He's the body guard of that green Orion woman, Lynnyn,
JJ Kirk and Obrenovic, following JJ's first encounter with Vierzinger

In the mirror universe, Erwin Vierzinger was a sergeant in the ISS Arcadia's security division and the requested personal bodyguard to Lynnyn following the attempt by then-Security Chief Hafez to allocate a handsome security guard in order to compromise the Orion's position.

Known as something of a 'snake', he was described as a slender man who was actually slightly shorter than Lynnyn herself and had "a pretty face which some men carried from their twenties to their fifties" with little facial hair.

He was also noted for having thick wrists and generally wore a perfectly tailored and immaculate uniform with a disruptor in a custom holster which matched his weapon, both of which were decorated with silver and gold scroll work. A homosexual, Erwin Vierzinger had an antagonistic relationship with JJ Kirk following their first encounter in the science department. He had both threatened and conducted rape upon the homophobic crewman in retaliation for various transgressions against his mistress.

He would be one of the survivors of the destruction of the Arcadia in 2386 and would accompany the deserters in their flight from the Empire. (Star Trek: New Empire)


In the Renegades continuity, Erwin Vierzinger would meet his fate following the unwitting cross-dimensional transfer aboard the Starfleet vessel that had found him. It would be during a mission with Lynnyn and Obrenovic to the hulk of a decimated Alliance Bird-of-Prey in the search for parts that they would come under attack by a pair of unknown attack fighters. Vierzinger would be killed in an explosion, his environmental suit torn open by the blast. (Star Trek: Renegades).