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"Resume your posts or you're relieved of duty."
"You an alien lover, red?"
"They help run this ship. They're tools. Negligence with Empire equipment isn't tolerated--or maybe you two want a trip to the agony booth. Now, I said... resume your posts!"
Erixon and Balk, following the latter's treatment of a Vintaak slave.

In the mirror universe, Erixon was the officer of the deck which bore the quarters of Stephen April on the ISS Arcadia in 2385. He was described as "someone's redheaded stepchild", due to his red hair, red beard, big nose and beady eyes that were apparently "too close together".

In the same year, he confronted Balk and Ligeti following their assault and abuse of a Vintaak slave. Following an attempt to pull rank, he was derided by both Balk and Ligeti on how he achieved his rank. When requesting their agonizers, the two instigated a scuffle with him and slapped his own agonizer to his neck before being dealt a hard right by Balk and knocked unconscious. (Star Trek: New Empire)

The status of this officer following the destruction of the ISS Arcadia is unknown.