Eric Ayokunle Velasquez Castillo, also known as Eric Velasquez, was a human male active as a Federation Starfleet flag officer in the 2410s.

In 2411 Velasquez held the rank of admiral and was stationed at Starfleet Command. While in orbit of Volante, Captain Kanril Eleya contacted him, asking for permission to intervene should the two power blocs on the planet begin a nuclear war. Velasquez was reluctant to do so, citing the Prime Directive, but the war in question began mid-conversation and Kanril broke off the contact and launched an orbital bombardment to stop it.

When Kanril reported in, Velasquez expressed sympathy for her situation, but ordered her captaincy suspended pending a board of inquiry effective upon the arrival of additional forces under Rear Admiral Pekara Rader. (Bait and Switch: "Shortest War Ever")

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