Erhlich Tarlazzi was a native of Rigel VII who was a member of the Maquis. Following the outbreak of the Dominion War, he was among the surviving Maquis officially pardoned by Starfleet Command. He, along with Limis Vircona and Rebecca Sullivan then served aboard USS Lambda Paz. During his time in the Maquis, he achieved a reputation for being better at taking things apart than putting them back together. That came in handy while trying to make sense of a cloaking device while he and colleagues were attempting to elude the Jem'Hadar. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz, " Revenge a Dish Best Served Cold")

As an officer aboard the Lambda Paz, he often made suggestions that went against Starfleet safety protocols. He even enjoyed needling his superior officers about how restricting Starfleet regulations and protocols tended to be and the possessive attitudes Starfleet engineers had about their ship and engine design, even if that engineer did not "build the ship with his bare hands." His disagreements with Commander Charles H. Logan and Lieutenant Shinar sh'Aqba escalated to the point where first officer Ronnie Kozar asked that they give Tarlazzi some leeway since following every minor protocol was not a luxury the crew could afford in the midst of the war. (" Revenge a Dish Best Served Cold", "Divided Loyalties")

Tarlazzi and Logan came to better understanding when Tarlazzi formulated a plan to contact his shipmates in lockdown when the ship was seized by the Jem'Hadar and the Cardassians. First, he had established comm-links senior officers through the EPS conduits lines, and then rigged up a tricorder to send messages to individual desk monitors. His work in helping to take back the ship and the successful creation of a false warp core breach earned him a promotion to full lieutenant and the position of dilithium maintenance specialist. ("The Tides of War, Part 2 ", "Faces in the Crowd")

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