"Should I inform the Overlord... sir?"
"I'll take care of it. You have the con. Maintain our heading... for now. Until I hand out a different order."
"If you do.
G'yermo and Marx Richtor, following the latter's destruction of an unknown vessel.

In the mirror universe, Enton G'yermo was a tactical ensign on the bridge of the ISS Arcadia. He was descended from the Terran subculture of the Italians, known to have a nose for wine and an innate talent for winery. His father told stories of their ancestors, who reportedly went by the surname Guillermo, in ancient Italy before Earth's decimation by the Alliance. His father described them as "masters of the art".

G'yermo was on duty and handled a transmission from W'zalwi to Marx Richtor. He gave up his station to Richtor following his inability to target sensors on a small craft, assumed by Richtor to be an infiltration vessel.

He was later turned into a Borg drone during Neria's reign following her body switch with Stephen April, and died in the ensuing destruction of the ship in 2385. (Star Trek: New Empire)