During the final push of the Dominion War, Captain Ian Quincy Knapp, commanding the USS Devonshire, encounters an unknown, powerful, and malevolent new force in the McAllister Nebula.


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2375 - With the allied forces nearing Cardassia, the Dominion makes a last stand in the Lapolis system Outnumbered and outgunned, the Dominion puts up a valiant fight.
This turning point in the war would later become known as The Battle of Lapolis...


"I guess the old joke is true: The only way you get a new thought into a Tellarite's head is with a drill. I kind of wish they'd sharpened the drill bits first, though."
Last produced:
Star Trek: Hidden Frontier
Next produced:
"Enemy Unknown, Part 2"
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"Enemy Unknown, Part 2"

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